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Safety Instrumented System PDF

Ultimate SIS safety life-cycle guide

The safety instrumented system PDF was written to provide an overview of key terminology and aspects of the safety life-cycle according to IEC 61511 edition 2. The eBook is aimed at process industry functional safety applications of safety instrumented systems - SIS.

It takes many years to master the technical aspects of functional safety and safety instrumented systems, and we believe that simplified guides can really help those who are on that journey.

When is training truly ONLINE?

Functional safety common terms - eFunctionalSafety online self-paced learning for the process industry sector

BUYER BEWARE! There are many types of course currently marketed as "ONLINE", that sadly do not make meet the simplest test of what this actually suggests. I have followed this carefully over the past 10 years, and the variability is still quite staggering. There are too many BAD and UGLY courses, and not so many GOOD or betteer.

If you are interested in online functional safety training for TEAMS, then read on.

The international reach of eFunctionalSafety E-Learning

Global reach of eFunctionalSafety online self-paced courses

Since launching SIS Foundation, our IChemE accredited online Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) e-Learning course in 2016, we have now reached customers as far and wide as Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, and of course the UK where we're based.

Our SIS e-Learning topics include many popular process safety related modules, including the SIS safety lifecycle, functional safety management, functional safety assessment, HAZOP, LOPA, ALARP demonstration, Safety Requirements Specification, SIS design and safety engineering, verification and validation, SIS operation and maintenance and proof testing techniques.

No such thing as a free lunch?

My Father used to say this a lot. "There's no such thing as a free lunch". I never got the meaning as a child...all my lunches seemed to be free? Sadly, he passed away when I was in my teens, so I guess I never really understood the real meaning until later on in life.

Safety Instrumented Systems online training receives IChemE accreditation

IChemE independently assessed the Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Foundation Online Training course and materials benchmarked against their internationally recognised professional standards.

The course is now part of an exclusive range of training programmes endorsed by IChemE to support the professional development of chemical, process and biochemical engineers.

Justin Blades, IChemE deputy chief executive, said: 

“As a professional body, one of IChemE’s main aims is to encourage a commitment to qualifications, standards and excellence in the chemical and process industries.
“Our accreditation service enables all organisations to demonstrate, independently, the high quality of their training programmes to advance the chemical engineering profession.
“FIABLE Limited (owner of eFunctionalSafety) have met our rigorous standards and we congratulate them on their achievement and contribution to improving skills and knowledge in the sector.”

Jon Keswick, Managing Director of FIABLE Limited stated, "this is the first of several online training modules we will be putting through the IChemE accreditation process. We're very happy to have achieved this first step along the road."

The IChemE certificate and accreditation provide 18 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for those who complete the course.

About IChemE 

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE ) is the hub for chemical, biochemical and process engineering professionals worldwide. With a growing global membership of 42,000, the Institution is at the heart of the process community, promoting competence and a commitment to best practice, advancing the discipline for the benefit of society, encouraging young people in science and engineering and supporting the professional development of its members. Website:

About eFunctionalSafety

FIABLE Limited trades as eFunctionalSafety, which hosts technical eLearning material aimed at improving personnel competence in the field of Functional Safety for End Users, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Control and Safety System Integrators and Engineering Contractor companies.