Distance Learning for Contractors

The Challenge

The times we live in are making face-to-face courses practically impossible.

Choosing the right course can be time-consuming and costly if it turns out to be the wrong course.

A Solution

Our courses for contractors looking for professional development have some special features aimed at contractors working in the process industry:

  • Lifetime access when you purchase a course that runs on the eFunctionalSafety website.
  • No need for specialist software; a web browser is sufficient to access everything via this website.
  • We provide a digitally-signed certificate of completion for every course, so you can prove your personal learning to clients or future employers.

Frequently Asked Questions


All courses include a secured Certificate, signed with DocuSign security, issued on completion of the courses and exercises. This is a traceable document that will be valued by both present and future employers.

Course Access Requirements

You only need a web browser to access our online courses. For TEAM/Corporate learners, we provide access to our Learning Management System which tracks each user's progress with centralised reporting.

Course Access Period

This depends on the course and its features. The access period will be made clear at the time of purchase.


We accept payment by major credit card or by PayPal for individual or small team bookings. For team/corporate purchases of 5 or more people, request a quotation and reference this on your purchase order.


Read our privacy notice.

Team Reporting

For corporate users with teams of 5 or more people, we provide access for your appointed team leader and/or administrator to monitor learner progress and produce reports directly from our Learning Management System. Optionally, you can also add your own documents to customise the learning experience.

Terms and conditions

Read our terms and conditions, applicable to all online course users and learners.


SIS & Functional Safety Learning Path

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