About Our Courses

About Our Courses

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Recognizing that companies and individuals may have different goals, we have two main ONLINE course options which are outlined in the two "lessons" below.

Lesson Outline

TEAM eLearning

Video lesson

Learn about eFunctionalSafety ONLINE  self-paced courses for teams.

Text lesson

Lesson 2:  Testimonials

Read testimonials from eFunctionalSafety course attendees.

Individual Professional Development

Text lesson

Learn what's different about eFunctionalSafety ONLINE self-paced courses.

About the Presenter

Jon Keswick, CFSE

Jon Keswick is a Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) and founder of eFunctionalSafety. Feel free to make contact via Linked-In or comment on any of the eFunctionalSafety blog pages.

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