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IEC 61511 Edition 2 Update

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An eFunctionalSafety Online Course

Process sector safety instrumented system standard IEC 61511 (USA: ANSI/ISA-61511, Europe: EN 61511, UK: BS EN 61511, ) has been revised and updated in several areas, and as of the end of 2017 the old standard is now fully replaced. Learn about the major changes in this free-to-view online introduction. You need to register to get full access.


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IEC 61511 and what it’s for

Read an introduction to IEC 61511 and the safety life-cycle.

Changes since edition 1

IEC 61511 edition 1 was first published in 2003. It underwent significant update in 2016/17 with edition 2. Get an overview of the changes in this short video.

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Learn the scope of the IEC 61511 standard, and DOWNLOAD the 11-page KEY FACTS PDF summary.

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What IEC 61511 does not provide

Understand what the limitations are of this standard.

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Responsibilities for typical SIS projects

Functional safety is not limited to owner-operators. All companes bear some responsibilities in the supply chain of products and services for use in safety systems. This lesson outlines these different stakeholders.

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Changes in definitions

Learn about the changes in terminology in edition 2.