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Project pitfalls of the safety life-cycle

56 minute video

Safety instrumented systems (SIS) are being employed more and more across many different process sector applications, often in an attempt to conform to IEC 61511. This webinar focuses on the pitfalls experienced by the presenter from the helicopter view of independent project assessments and audits. The hope is that by sharing pitfalls, others might learn where to best apply emphasis and focus in future projects.


IEC 61511 edition 2 Update Webinar

46 minute video

The process sector safety instrumented system standard has been revised and updated in several areas, and as of 2016, the first edition of the standard is now fully replaced. Learn about the major changes in this free-to-view webinar.


Process Operations Functional Safety Assessment

Major accident hazard sites (COMAH/SEVESO III) have a new responsibility to conduct Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) during operations - even for existing or legacy systems. Learn about how an FSA is conducted and what you can do to prepare.