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Functional Safety for Technicians and Process Operations

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Functional safety for technicians and operations online training - by eFunctionalSafety


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The course gives a very good outline of Functional Safety requirements in the process industries. It is challenging and makes you think about what you are learning.

D.Owen, UK

Course Background

A self-paced, online course, aimed at instrument technicians & other process operations personnel who have the duty of sustaining the safety integrity of modern safety instrumented systems (SIS).

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are one of the key independent layers for protecting processes in applications such as safe isolation of storage tanks, turbine overspeed protection and burner management; just to name a few. The modern SIS is typically a system comprising multiple sensors, a logic solver and final elements which are relied upon to react to potentially hazardous events with minimal operator intervention. The goal is to design an SIS that can detect process excursions from the norm, and automatically react to prevent escalation into an incident.

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