Suppose your staff and contractors need to get up to speed with improving IEC 61511 functional safety competence for safety instrumented systems. If that's the case, this is the right blog for you.

Developed over the past seven years, we've delivered many years of experience to hundreds of professionals with our functional safety online learning.

Improve functional safety competence

Online training is a good starting point for improving competence. Of course, it's not the end of the story. Still, everyone needs a base level of understanding before getting involved in functional safety projects, operations or maintenance.

We all fondly remember the days that we attended an excellent face-to-face course. Sadly, we probably also remember a few "yawn" courses. Online learning is equally variable in quality and capability to deliver what the industry needs.

Make sure it's "traceable" learning

I've written before about online courses in the blog "When is training truly ONLINE?". My feelings on the subject have not changed with the current global pandemic situtation. In fact, I'm more adamant than ever that everyone gets the message that "online" courses are not all equal.

With the advent of more people working from home or remotely on a regular basis, it has become crucial to track and monitor individual and team learning.

I believe there are several essential aspects of a sound online learning environment for companies to truly benefit from the online learning invesment. 

Here are just a few of the features you should be expecting:

  • On-board users via a simple email message, without difficulty or fuss
  • Make sure all the learner needs is a web browser and an internet connection; no specialist software installation
  • Allow users to start, stop and return to the precise part of the course they had previously reached
  • Provide quizzes or assessments that test user understanding
  • Track each individual's progress over extended periods
  • Track assessment attempts and results
  • Enable users to ask questions about the course material
  • Provide learning downloads to keep
  • Offer central tracking and reporting for a team leader or administrator
  • Produce an independently accredited certificate

Try Functional Safety eLearning Courses

International standards introduced functional safety to industry more than 20 years ago to help build better and more reliable systems.

However, many companies have struggled to implement these standards in real projects because they are pretty technical and must be woven into existing processes and quality systems.

We're keen to help companies implement better, more practical systems based on many years of experience. That starts with improving knowledge of what functional safety is all about.

We've developed numerous eLearning modules to help teams develop new skills. By creating lessons for the entire safety lifecycle, we have course modules that apply to industry professionals working in multiple disciplines.

From hazard and risk assessment to design, engineering, testing, maintenance and management, we have modules that teach how safety systems get implemented and sustained in perpetuity.

It's free to register and try a few modules. If you want access to our PREMIUM LEARNING paths, you will find purchase details once you register.


Jon Keswick, CFSE

Jon Keswick is a Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) and founder of eFunctionalSafety. Feel free to make contact via Linked-In or comment on any of the eFunctionalSafety blog pages.

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