eFunctionalSafety® is an authorized solution partner for aeShield® software

aeShield is a comprehensive software solution for IEC 61511 compliance in the process industry. The software provides a database-centric approach to reduce costs for projects and operations alike. eFunctionalSafety can set you and your team up with aeShield software and training, or provide you with engineering resource for sustaining safety integrity levels (SIL) and the safety lifecycle.

Digitize-PHA Service


Process Hazards Analyses such as Hazard and Operability studies (HAZOP) and Layer Of Protection Analyses (LOPA) are notoriously delivered by consultants as PDF "flat file" documents. When it comes to a modification, upgrade or HAZOP review, without the original software records it's almost like starting from scratch if that record needs to be recreated.

We can provide a service to convert your existing flat file PHA / HAZOP / LOPA documents into a data-centric environment, moving your risk and safety analyses into a place where they can be continuously updated and improved.

Digitize-IPL Service


Flat file PDF and paper documents are commonplace for Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS) and SIL Calculations; these soon get out of date and are difficult to manage after SIS installation. As for other Independent Protection Layers (IPL), it's rare that there is ever of an overview of critical alarms or controls system functions (BPCS) credited as safety-related trips.


It is now possible to digitize your complete list of IPL and SIF, SIL calculations, proof test procedures and more. This results in better control for updates, better risk assessment for bypasses/inhibits and a huge increase in management KPIs.

  • End Users / OEMs

  • Modifications

  • New Projects

Sustain HAZOP / LOPA, IPLs and SIL for the asset lifetime

With the IEC 61511 requirement for sustaining safe systems operationally, aeShield software provides a centralized version-controlled digital repository for PHA/HAZOP and all aspects related to functional safety and SIL. The user does not even need to be aware that their updates get reflected back into in all documentation. For example, an update to a tag in the SRS will get reflected in a preceding LOPA, and forward to all the Test Plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions about aeShield Software

aeShield Safety Lifecycle Management software is designed to assist with all the records needed to keep complex requirements consistent and controlled. Read some of the key questions that people ask us.

What is Safety Lifecycle software?

Functional Safety standard IEC 61511 defines a Safety Lifecycle that commences with hazard and risk assessment, and works through all the stages needed to define and develop protection layers to reduce risk in hazardous processes. Safety Lifecycle software is designed to assist with producing and maintaining accurate records  to keep complex requirements consistent and controlled.

Does aeShield require specialist training?

Like any specialist software, some training is necessary. The level and depth of the training depends on user role and what they will be accessing the software to do. For example, editing a SIL verification calculation is a specialist task that requires specialist knowledge, but accessing the same software to output a read-only report is straightforward and requires very little training.

We have developed a range of online training modules to get users up to speed quickly with functional safety. Click the button below to learn more.

Is software necessary?

Technically speaking, no, safety lifecycle software is not a requirement. However, imagine trying to control the records of hazards, risks and protection layers for a lifetime of 30+ years, with personnel coming and going, reports and files stored in multiple locations, and complex requirements for every protection layer. It is not a trivial task to keep this up to date, consistent and version controlled.

Do you provide software Demo's?

Software is always best explained with a live demonstration, so we always start with this when we've got your interest.

Click below to book a demo date in our live diary.

Do you have courses to learn the software?

Yes. Like any specialist software, training is recommended and necessary for specialist parts of the tool. We can deliver training classes by live TEAMS sessions, or you can get access to our online pre-recorded video area to learn specific software topics and work through features at your own pace.

How much does the software cost?

This is a difficult question to answer until we know more about the features you need. There are also two licensing methods based on either number of users or number of independent protection layers (IPLs) as in the table below.

User-Based License

IPL-Based License

Ideal for consultants & EPC's

Ideal for operating facilities

Unlimited IPLs

Unlimited Users

CASE STUDY: aeShield®

eFunctionalSafety provided HAZOP, LOPA, SRS and SIL verification support to an Original Equipment Manufacturer developing an exciting new product for the emerging energy sector; using hydrogen to generate backup electricity for data centres, without any of the harmful environmental emissions of traditional diesel generators.

The project was fast-track and demanding, and eventually required a validation test plan to be delivered on a very tight timescale. This may sound trivial, but it's not.

As eFunctionalSafety had delivered the SRS and SIL verification using aeShield, we were able to turn around validation test plans in record time, with the assurance of complete consistency of the SIS test plan, the SRS and system cause & effects.

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