Process Hazards Analysis

Learn about the Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) *Hazard and Operability study technique with our proven SELF-PACED course featuring LIVE ONLINE sessions.

How do you prove that you have done enough about improving PHA and HAZOP team competence?

You may have had the dreaded visit from the regulator or insurers that means you need to improve team competence. You may be an individual tasked with joining a PHA or HAZOP study. Either way, we can help by providing traceable online learning.

Competence is difficult to demonstrate. Send someone on a course for a week, and what evidence can you show to a regulator or insurer - a certificate of attendance?

Is a certificate of attendance enough to demonstrate to yourself or someone else that you are now competent with a new skill or topic area? Surely not.

We believe that too many of today's face-to-face and online courses are simply not challenging people to think. There is a "tick-box" mentality to gaining an attendance certificate.

Our online training is different - it challenges the individual to think and to demonstrate their knowledge as they progress.

Read on if you want to know more...

PHA -  Process Hazards Analysis by HAZOP

What keeps you awake at night? Are you concerned about your ageing plant and the integrity of protection layers engineered years ago? Do you have the right knowledge to judge if you are doing enough to comply with the process safety requirements in your locality?

This course eliminates any confusion surrounding PHA by teaching the HAZOP technique from first principles. You’ll learn using a combination of self-paced pre-recorded training modules, coupled with our unique LIVE ONLINE bookable sessions with a PHA by HAZOP experienced practitioner.

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What’s in the PHA by HAZOP course

10 modules with video, audio and text-based learning, plus bookable LIVE ONLINE sessions


HAZOP Introduction
  • What is HAZOP?
  • A brief history
  • Why HAZOP is important
  • When to use HAZOP
  • The six stages of HAZOP
  • Continuous vs batch HAZOP
  • Quiz


Process industry hazards introduction
  • Hazard and harm defined
  • Harm to people
  • Harm to the environment
  • Financial losses
  • Quiz


HAZOP study preparation
  • The Core Team - who should attend a HAZOP
  • Drawings and input information
  • Risk ranking matrix
  • Guideword and Node preparation
  • Quiz


HAZOP Procedure Overview
  • The workflow and procedure options
  • Node and design intent capture
  • Brainstorming team views
  • Ranking risk using the prepared matrix
  • Meeting etiquette - parking lot vs. actions
  • Quiz


  • What are deviations?
  • How to find deviations
  • Guidewords and parameters
  • Batch HAZOP deviations
  • Quiz


Causes and Consequences
  • What is a cause vs. a consequence
  • Identifying causes
  • Consequences without considering safeguards
  • Capturing well-written consequences
  • Example HAZOP worksheet
  • EXERCISE - download and return your work


Safeguards and Independent Protection Layers - IPL
  • What is a safeguard vs. an IPL?
  • Capturing information for effective use in LoPA
  • Example HAZOP worksheet
  • EXERCISE - download and return your work


  • The differences between batch and continuous HAZOP
  • Additional guidewords and time-based deviations
  • Procedure for batch HAZOP
  • Quiz


HAZOP Close-Out
  • HAZOP reporting
  • Action tracking and close-out requirements
  • Management of change
  • EXERCISE - download and return your work


Get all this PLUS

As well as the modules introduced above, once you have signed up we give you year-round access to our growing resource of accident lessons. This includes descriptions and videos for more than 10 different industry accidents that we can all learn from.

Safety moments
Video and text descriptions

If you have safety moments during PHA sessions like HAZOP / HAZID or LOPA study team meetings, then a simple to follow summary or video can be really helpful. to put your hands on.

All our safety moments are freely accessible once you sign up for our online courses,

Summary of each accident

Get a potted summary of what went wrong in each accident case. Summaries are easy to follow; extracted from publicly available sources.

How to avoid repeat mistakes

Learning lessons from accidents is the main reason for highlighting them. We try to provide a quick overview of the key lessons from each accident, ideal for quick safety moment presentations.

About The Course Authors

Michael Parr - MIChemE

Michael is an eFunctionalSafety associate and co-author of several online courses. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of Chemical Engineering. Michael is an experienced HAZOP, LoPA and SIL study leader. In recent years, Michael has been providing engineering consulting on multiple projects in the Chemical and Oil & Gas

Jon Keswick - CFSE

Jon has provided consulting in the field of process industry and machinery functional safety since 2004. Previous to that, Jon worked in technical product management roles for more than 20 years at several well-known control and automation equipment suppliers.

Why is this course valuable?

This course has significant value for anyone working in the process industry sector who attends PHA / HAZOP studies as part of their role.

LIVE ONLINE sessions are a highly valuable feature which allow each learner to participate in a virtual classroom environment, ask questions and work through more complex materials than would otherwise be possible.

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