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We can facilitate your team in determining process hazards and operability issues using the HAZard and OPerability (HAZOP) methodology.

Guided by a procedure we provide, or your own HAZOP procedure, we always record a HAZOP such that later phases of activity such as LoPA or other forms of SIL study will have the necessary detail.

It is your process and your hazard, so it must involve your team. You provide team members from operations, maintenance, process, safety, EC&I and any other required specialists. The team should be assembled from staff with sufficient experience of the operations of the facility or similar facilities.

eFunctionalSafety prepares the HAZOP  nodes for study and gets your preferred recording tool ready so that your valuable resources do not waste any unnecessary time. We chair the HAZOP meeting and record all the team discussions and conclusions. We can provide our own software or use your preferred recording tools.

At the end of the study, we deliver a numbered list of actions for you to get started on immediately. Soon after the meeting conclusion, we deliver a professional report outlining the full study findings.

Support Options
  • Independent HAZOP Chair / Facilitator 
  • Experienced HAZOP Scribe
  • HAZOP software - experience with most tools
  • Terms of reference and Node preparation
  • check
    HAZOP procedure can be provided
  • Terms of Reference & HAZOP Report Deliverable

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