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Layer of Protection Analysis
for SIL determination

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Layer of protection analysis online course by eFunctionalSafety


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An excellent overview of the layer of protection analysis technique, and although not aimed at LoPA leaders, it does get into some real detail.

S. Ryman - UK

Course Background

Learn online about the layer of protection analysis - LoPA technique. It is ideal as preparation for a LoPA study when the end goal is Safety Integrity Level (SIL) determination for loops in a safety system.

Layer of protection analysis is a risk assessment methodology. It is used to analyze hazardous scenarios after process hazards have already been identified. LoPA benefits from having rigid rules about how protection layers can be credited with reducing risk. The results can be used to make decisions and close risk gaps.


The layer of protection analysis approach for SIL determination can be handled in several ways. The course explains different approaches and summarizes the pros and cons of each. The entire methodology is explained, including required inputs, LoPA procedures and expected outputs. The course explains how initiating events, protection layers and other useful information can be drawn out from hazard studies.

Using practical examples from industrial applications, this online course is a must for all involved with LoPA studies.

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