No such thing as a free lunch?

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My Father used to say this a lot. "There's no such thing as a free lunch". I never got the meaning as a child...all my lunches seemed to be free? Sadly, he passed away when I was in my teens, so I guess I never really understood the real meaning until later on in life.


Of course, I think I understand now. If you are offered anything for FREE then there is usually a "catch" of some sort. The catch might be an associated sales pitch, or a later charge for something you don't really want or need, but forgot to cancel because someone has your card details. I've been a victim of this myself, so would not inflict this approach on others.

So, I've decided on something unusual: Offer FREE trial access to try some of our most popular, fully narrated online training modules for functional & process safety.

There is no charge, no obligation to join a newsletter and no need to provide any card details.

We do ask you to sign up to our terms and conditions with a company email. The reason for this is we really want to know who we're dealing with and who has access to our copyrighted material. Personal emails such as gmail or hotmail really don't help that.

Sign up for free initial access, request access now at this link.

Jon Keswick, CFSE

Jon Keswick is a Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) and founder of eFunctionalSafety. Feel free to make contact via Linked-In or comment on any of the eFunctionalSafety blog pages.