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You are an employer looking to raise your team's awareness of functional safety and process safety topics. You have considered organizing traditional face-to-face "refresher" training, but you know not everyone will be available on the day(s) you arrange.

What about online self-paced training? Everyone gets time to complete the courses you decide on. You get access to monitor both lesson and assessment progress. Your team members each get a Certificate. You get reports showing team assessment results for logging in your competence management system.

You are an individual working on aspects of functional safety, but not expected to be the "technical authority". You have considered attending a TUV or CFSE course, but you cannot justify the huge cost of a full week away from the day job.

What about online self-paced training? You will get several weeks or months to complete the courses you decide on. The system tracks where you are so you don't lose your progress if you pick up and drop the course over time. You get a Certificate at the end signed by a qualified coach who has access to your individual progress and results.

Learning Modules

Select any short one/two hour module and pay a fee to access the course for period of 90 days. You can return at any time 24/7 during the period to complete the course. This is ideal if you need quick training in a specific area.

eLM001: Introduction to functional safety for the Process Industry

eLM002: Key terminology and standards overview

eLM003: Functional Safety Management

eLM004: Hazard, Risk and SIL Determination

eLM005: Writing Safety Requirements Specifications

eLM006: SIS Design & Engineering Overview

eLM007: SIS Operation and Maintenance

Multi-Hour Learning Paths

Select any multi-hour learning path and pay a fee to access the course for 24/7 access for 90 or 365 days. You can take your time to complete the entire learning path and your progress is fully tracked.

eLP001: Hazard and Operability Study - HAZOP participant

eLP002: Layer of Protection Analysis for SIL Determination

eLP003: Safety Instrumented Systems Foundation

eLP004: Functional Safety for Technicians and Operations

eLP005: IEC 61511 - ISA 61511 - edition 2 Update Course

Course Authors

Jon Keswick

Certified Functional Safety Expert - CFSE

Jon Keswick is the founder of eFunctionalSafety. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of automation systems. In recent years, Jon has worked on many projects as independent functional safety assessor. This experience has provided a deep insight into what can go wrong, and what could be done better to avoid costly re-work on safety system projects.

Jon Keswick

Michael Parr

C.Eng, M.Eng, MIChemE

Michael is an eFunctionalSafety associate and co-author of several online courses. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of Chemical Engineering. Michael is an experienced HAZOP, LoPA and SIL study leader. In recent years, Michael has been providing engineering consulting on multiple projects in the Chemical and Oil & Gas sectors.