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12-18 Hours of self-paced interactive e-Learning

Release Date: July 2019

About the Course

This course outlines functional safety and the safety instrumented system - SIS - life-cycle of IEC 61511. The process industry standard provides the life-cycle as an outline framework for the typical stages of activity in the analysis, realisation, operation and maintenance of SIS.

This course includes a narrated lessons, video, interactive slides, quizzes and assessments of learning.

What You'll Learn
  • The Safety Instrumented System life-cycle
  • IEC 61511 edition 2 updates from the original standard
  • Relate tolerable risk to ALARP, risk reduction and SIL - safety integrity level targets
  • Hazard and risk analysis methods for setting SIL targets
  • Probability of failure and how this applies to SIF - safety instrumented functions
  • Operations and maintenance requirements for SIS and SIF
What's Included
  • 12 month access to complete the course
  • Self-paced interactive lessons
  • PDF course notes
  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • Certificate with 18 CPD hours - accredited by IChemE
Target Audience
  • Oil & Gas Operators & EPC's
  • ​​Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Engineering companies
  • Integrators of safety systems
  • OEM's and safety system suppliers
Who Should Join?
  • ​HSE/SHE/EHS Professionals
  • ​​Operators
  • ​Process engineers
  • ​EC&I Technicians and Engineers
  • ​Safety equipment suppliers

What’s in the course

Seven modules that explain the SIS safety life-cycle


Introduction to process industry functional safety
  • Safety defined and in context
  • Why functional safety is important
  • Buncefield - an accident example
  • History of electrical and control systems in safety applications
  • The safety instrumented system life-cycle
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Key terminology, regulations and standards
  • Key terminology - hazard, risk, ALARP, SIL etc.
  • Regulations and standards
  • IEC 61511 edition 2 introduction
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Functional safety management
  • Functional safety management overview
  • Competence introduction
  • Roles in the safety life-cycle
  • Verification and validation planning
  • Functional safety assessment and audit
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Hazard, risk and SIL assessment
  • Process industry hazards
  • Hazards analysis workflow and methods
  • Introduction to probability and frequency
  • Protection layer analysis and SIL target assessment
  • Cyber-security risk assessment
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


SIS safety requirements specification
  • SIS safety requirements specification
  • Challenges with requirements
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


SIS design, engineering, installation and validation
  • SIS equipment selection
  • How equipment fails and learning from failure
  • SIS hardware design
  • SIS software - application program introduction
  • Software in IEC 61511 edition 2
  • Installation, commissioning and validation testing
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Operation and maintenance of SIS
  • SIS operations - reviewing an SIS installation
  • Bypass and override
  • SIS inspection and proof testing
  • Modifying or removing a SIF or SIS
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment