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Learn ONLINE about safety instrumented systems (SIS) and safety instrumented functions (SIF) in the process industry sector according to IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 functional safety standards.

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Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are one of the vital independent protection layers for process safety. Applications include safe isolation of storage tanks, emergency shutdown, burner management and others found commonly in oil & gas, refining, chemicals and other high hazard industries.

The self-paced online course starts with hazard and risk assessment principles, using narrated and interactive lessons to explain how all elements of the SIS safety lifecycle are connected. From early concept through design and development, system testing and subsequent operation of an SIS; this course covers the entire safety life-cycle of an SIS. The course is entirely up to date with the latest IEC 61511 edition 2 international standard.

Learn about SIL rated systems & safety instrumented functions

  • Process engineers
  • SHE/HSE and Process Safety Professionals
  • Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Professionals
  • Project engineers and managers
  • Operations and Maintenance personnel
  • Safety system equipment suppliers

SIS Foundation online course contents

Introductory Information

  • Safety defined
  • Why functional safety is important
  • Incidents involving control systems
  • BPCS, SIS and other Layers
  • SIS, and SIF
  • History of SIS
  • SIS and related standards
  • Key terminology for the course

Management & Standards

  • IEC 61511 edition 2 update
  • Functional safety management
  • Competence management
  • Roles in the SIS safety life-cycle
  • Verification planning
  • Functional Safety Assessment 
  • Functional Safety Audit

Technical & Operations

  • Hazard analysis workflow and methods
  • Probability and frequency for risk analyses
  • Cyber-security risk assessment
  • Protection layer analysis - LoPA 
  • SIL target determination
  • Safety requirements specification
  • SIS equipment selection
  • SIF probability of failure introduction
  • SIF hardware design
  • SIS software introduction
  • Installation, commissioning and Validation
  • SIS Operations
  • Bypass and override
  • SIS Inspection and Proof Testing
  • Modification and management of change

Safety Instrumented System learning objectives

  • Relate the history of several notorious process safety accidents with the safety life-cycle of IEC 61511
  • Differentiate between functional safety standards IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and their primary usage.
  • Describe the main SIS safety lifecycle and explain inputs and outputs of each stage.
  • Relate tolerable risk targets to the ALARP principle of risk reduction, including how Safety Integrity Level (SIL) applies within this overall context.
  • Explain the main elements of a typical SIS and differentiate this from other protection layer options for risk reduction.
  • Outline typical process hazard analysis methodologies and SIL selection techniques including risk graphs and LOPA.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of failure rates and how they apply to probability of failure in the context of safety functions.
  • Summarize the need and principles of regular inspection and proof testing of safety functions.
eFunctionalSafety interactive module

eFunctionalSafety interactive module

eFunctionalSafety - installation and commissioning of safety instrumented functions

Narrated slide with closed captions

eFunctionalSafety quiz for safety instrumented systems course

Interactive QUIZ question

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