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Safety Instrumented Systems Online Course

What keeps you awake at night? Are you concerned about your ageing plant and the integrity of safety systems engineered years ago? Do you have the right knowledge to judge if you are doing enough to comply with the latest functional safety standards IEC 61511 and IEC 61508?

The fact is, you need up to date information from someone who has applied the standards in practice. For people without much experience in this area, determining precisely how much effort to put into each phase of the safety life-cycle can be a daunting prospect.

This course eliminates any confusion surrounding SIL-rated instrumented systems. You’ll learn key principles and concepts in a way that enables you to apply them to any project of any size.

The course starts with a review of key terminology and the safety life-cycle and then expands on key aspects such as determining safety integrity level (SIL), designing an SIS, and proof testing to sustain integrity.


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What people are saying about the course

Jamie Dunn

Regional C&I Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed the Safety Instrumented System course

Considering it is a foundation course, it teaches you some extremely useful and relevant information, whilst pushing and testing your knowledge of each completed module by means of a test at the end of each stage.

Guillermo Pacanins

Process Safety Engineer Advisor

The SIS e-Learning is one of the most comprehensive Functional Safety courses available through the internet

The course gives a special insight on Safety Instrumented Systems and their management in the process industry.

Scott Farrell

E&I Technician

The course was well presented, contained useful information and was easy to navigate

Overall I have increased my knowledge and recommend this course to anyone in this type of industry.

What’s in the safety instrumented systems course

Seven modules that explain the SIS safety life-cycle according to IEC 61511 edition 2


Introduction to process industry functional safety
  • Safety defined and in context
  • Why functional safety is important
  • Buncefield - an accident example
  • History of electrical and control systems in safety applications
  • The safety instrumented system life-cycle
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Key terminology, regulations and standards
  • Key terminology - hazard, risk, ALARP, SIL etc.
  • Regulations and standards
  • IEC 61511 edition 2 introduction
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Functional safety management
  • Functional safety management overview
  • Competence introduction
  • Roles in the safety life-cycle
  • Verification and validation planning
  • Functional safety assessment and audit
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Hazard, risk and SIL assessment
  • Process industry hazards
  • Hazards analysis workflow and methods
  • Introduction to probability and frequency
  • Protection layer analysis and SIL target assessment
  • Cyber-security risk assessment
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


SIS safety requirements specification
  • SIS safety requirements specification
  • Challenges with requirements
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


SIS design, engineering, installation and validation
  • SIS equipment selection
  • How equipment fails and learning from failure
  • SIS hardware design
  • SIS software - application program introduction
  • Software in IEC 61511 edition 2
  • Installation, commissioning and validation testing
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Operation and maintenance of SIS
  • SIS operations - reviewing an SIS installation
  • Bypass and override
  • SIS inspection and proof testing
  • Modifying or removing a SIF or SIS
  • Quiz
  • Self-assessment


Get all this PLUS

As well as the modules introduced above, once you have signed up we give you year-round access to our growing resource of accident lessons. This includes descriptions and videos for more than 10 different industry accidents that we can all learn from.

Safety moments
Video and text descriptions

If you have safety moments during PHA sessions like HAZOP / HAZID or LOPA study team meetings, then a simple to follow summary or video can be really helpful. to put your hands on.

All our safety moments are freely accessible once you sign up for our online courses,

Summary of each accident

Get a potted summary of what went wrong in each accident case. Summaries are easy to follow; extracted from publicly available sources.

How to avoid repeat mistakes

Learning lessons from accidents is the main reason for highlighting them. We try to provide a quick overview of the key lessons from each accident, ideal for quick safety moment presentations.

About The Course Author
Jon Keswick

Jon Keswick has provided consulting in the field of functional safety since 2004. Previous to that, Jon worked in technical product management roles for more than 15 years at several well-known control and automation equipment suppliers.

As well as authoring online courses, Jon now couples his safety, automation, instrumentation and programmable systems knowledge with independent assessment and audit services for process and machinery safety projects.

In his spare time, Jon enjoys taking calculated risks playing with motorcycles and home-brew beer...thankfully, not at the same time!

Jon Keswick, CFSE

Why is this course valuable?

This course has significant value for anyone working in the process industry sector. You may be an OEM supplying equipment, an engineering service provider, or the hazard duty-holder.

For the same price of a one-day course offsite, this course provides drip-feed learning access for 90 days, resulting in 18 CPD (continuing professional development) hours.

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TEAM LMS Online Course access
for 1 year




*Price On Application - fill in your details below

  • Year-round course access
  • Narrated Lessons & Video 
  • Quizzes
  • Course Assessments
  • IChemE Certificate included per person
  • 18 CPD hours award per person
  • Accident lessons course included
  • Team progress tracking and reporting for your administrator
  • Lesson Downloads as PDF files for team members (Corporate licences only)

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Jon Keswick, CFSE

A personal note

"I wrote this course because I experienced so many projects focussing significant effort on relatively minor aspects of functional safety. Too much emphasis on probability of random hardware failure, and nowhere near enough emphasis on competence, planning, procedures and management."


To The Safety Instrumented System Safety Life-Cycle.