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How to avoid making mistakes with management of safety projects

By Jon Keswick, CFSE / August 30, 2018

Without effective functional safety assessment and audit, you may never know whether your safety system will perform when it is really needed. That is perhaps a bold statement, but read on if you think you disagree… Automated systems have been used in safety applications now for a few decades. As a result we should have some […]


5 reasons you should assess functional safety during operation

By Jon Keswick, CFSE / September 7, 2017

Hazardous process industry sites must carry out periodic functional safety assessment (FSA) of safety instrumented systems. But why? Many hazardous process industry sites have viewed Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) as a project activity to be completed when a new safety instrumented system (SIS) gets installed, and of course, that is absolutely correct. Some have also registered […]


Is functional safety assessment required in operation?

By Jon Keswick, CFSE / September 8, 2016

Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) has been a requirement in IEC 61511 – Safety Instrumented Systems for the process industry sector, since the first edition published back in 2003. An FSA is one of the clear activities required to claim compliance with the IEC 61511 standard. The stated objective is to ensure that functional safety and […]