Boosting Remote Team Competence with Online Functional Safety Training

In today's evolving business landscape, remote work has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Training teams in functional safety principles, particularly those working remotely, poses unique challenges. However, self-paced online training offers a viable solution, allowing for flexible, consistent, and effective learning experiences.

There is now quite an large amount of published material on the benefits and pitfalls of remote working, such as the article cited in Reference 1 below. Whatever you feelings on the subject, it's true to say that all medium to large businesses need to be able to support remote workers with effective training if they want to attract the best talent.

Self-paced online training empowers individuals to control their learning speed, dive deeper into areas they find challenging, and breeze through topics they're already comfortable with. It eliminates geographical barriers, enabling teams to stay on the same page regardless of their physical location.

At eFunctionalsafety, we've harnessed the power of online learning to deliver comprehensive functional safety training courses. Our courses, some of which have received third-party accreditation from IChemE, are designed to enhance your team's competence, regardless of their location. Through our digital platform, your team can access key materials, case studies, and interactive sessions that provide a deeper understanding of functional safety principles and techniques.

Our extensive experience in functional safety engineering and dedication to delivering timely, accurate content make us a reliable training partner. One instance where we made a significant impact involved a company building hydrogen fuel cell systems for energy backup. Our training courses provided several of their newly hired employees with the necessary functional safety knowledge, enabling them to get up to speed quickly and contribute effectively to projects that were on the fast-track. This success story showcases that no matter how new or complex the application, remote teams can master functional safety principles through our self-paced online training.

But don't just take our word for it; read testimonials from many users who have completed courses with us.

I have previously done Functional Safety Awareness courses but the knowledge learned in this course far surpassed what I have learned in the past.

Trevor P.  | Trainee Control Systems Engineer

Good course, giving a clear understanding of SIS life cycle and IEC61511 requirements. Recommended to anyone working with SIS design and Functional Safety Assessment.

Gil R.  | Process Automation Leader

The course provides a strong foundational knowledge and competency for technical personnel new to functional safety. Thank you Jon and team for such a wonderful course!

Zachary B.  | Process Engineer

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Jon Keswick, CFSE

Jon Keswick is a Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) and founder of eFunctionalSafety. Feel free to make contact via Linked-In or comment on any of the eFunctionalSafety blog pages.

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