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Become a certified functional safety professional – CFSP or CFSE
I often get asked how to become a certified functional safety professional or certified functional safety expert (CFSP or CFSE).[...]
Learn about SIL rated systems
We have designed a new interface to our online training for safety instrumented systems and other topics, allowing us to[...]
Safety Instrumented System Functional Safety Assessment Experiences
Functional Safety Assessment may be a dry topic at the best of times, so much so that I took it[...]
Safety life-cycle accountability with an RACI matrix
What happens when a project is not well planned, plans are not properly communicated or accountabilities are unclear? Safety-related projects[...]
Does using a Safety PLC mean IEC 61511 compliance?
When it comes to deciding on using hard-wired logic or a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for a safety instrumented system[...]
Tracked E-Learning for Teams
Why do people attend training courses, and what can online eLearning provide for your competence management system that a traditional classroom course cannot?
Is 100% functional safety compliance possible?
Achieving complete compliance with "risk-based" functional safety standards like IEC 61511 is a great objective to have, but is it, in fact, possible?
Safety instrumented systems and security standards
If you are responsible for a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) rated functions, then you might be wondering where to start with cybersecurity standards for industrial automation and control systems (IACS).
10 steps to duty holder SIL conformance
Perhaps you have installed safety systems which date from the 1990's or early turn of this century. If so, you might be wondering whether you need to follow IEC 61511 edition 2 for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) conformance?
Get a step-change in safety culture from hybrid training
How do you get valued staff and contractors to engage with Process Safety, Functional Safety and similar "tricky" subjects? Send[...]
We don’t need no education
The headline, extracted from a popular song lyric*, uses the double-negative "don't need no", quite intentionally - to help emphasize[...]
How to assess IACS cyber vulnerability using a Security CHAZOP
The recently updated process sector safety instrumented system (SIS) standard IEC 61511 now requires that a "security risk assessment is[...]
Killer tools for improving safety and reducing project cost
Read on to see the software buyer's guide table...a comparison of 4 cloud-based software solutions. This blog will will look[...]
5 safety instrumented system management tips
Without effective functional safety assessment and audit, you may never know whether your safety system will perform when it is[...]
Process SIS Operations Blog #3
For the third blog of this series, the focus is on proof testing. This article will look at what proof testing[...]
Key safety instrumented system operations advice
Operation and maintenance procedures for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) will vary from company to company. However, there are some specific[...]
10 things to know about SIS operations
How do you ensure a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) will maintain its original design integrity for a lifetime of 15+[...]
Process SIS standards are changing – learn more
The process sector standard IEC 61511 is aimed at applications where instrumented systems are used for risk reduction in the[...]
5 reasons you should assess functional safety during operation
Hazardous process industry sites must carry out periodic functional safety assessment (FSA) of safety instrumented systems. But why?Many hazardous process[...]
The international reach of eFunctionalSafety E-Learning
Since launching our IChemE accredited online Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) e-Learning course in 2016, we have now reached customers as far[...]
No such thing as a free lunch?
My Father used to say this a lot. "There's no such thing as a free lunch". I never got the[...]
Costly competence
The headline poses a tricky question. Process accident history is awash with many examples of apparent incompetence involving safety instrumented[...]
What is LoPA?
LoPA -Layer of Protection AnalysisProcess facilities should be designed as far as possible to be inherently safe. Inherent safety involves[...]
Is functional safety assessment required in operation?
Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) has been a requirement in IEC 61511 - Safety Instrumented Systems for the process industry sector,[...]
Safety Instrumented Systems online training receives IChemE accreditation
IChemE independently assessed the Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Foundation Online Training course and materials benchmarked against their internationally recognised professional[...]
Why do control systems go wrong?
The safety life-cycle, sometimes spelled lifecycle, was conceived after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE - a UK government agency)[...]