How to select a safety PLC
March 5, 2021

When it comes to implementing safety instrumented systems (SIS) to comply with functional safety standard IEC 61511, the safety PLC is a pivotal device to specify. So, what are the key questions that you need to Read More

What is hardware fault tolerance - HFT
September 3, 2020

You may not know or care much about Hardware Fault Tolerance (HFT) unless you're working in a hazardous industry with Safety Integrity Level *SIL requirements.  However, just like the multiple safety systems in your motor Read More

Safety Instrumented Function - SIF Design
July 28, 2020

A SIF gets specified as an automated independent protection layer (IPL), often as the result of a safety integrity level (SIL) target-setting exercise, also known variously as a SIL determination, SIL study or SIL assessment. Read More

What is MTBF in relation to SIL
July 8, 2020

Are the terms "Mean Time Between Failures" (MTBF) and "Safety Integrity Level" (SIL) related to each other? Some would think not but read on if you'd like to discover if that's true.MTBFEquipment suppliers have been Read More

Safety Instrumented Systems Ultimate Guide
November 5, 2019

The safety instrumented system PDF was written to provide an overview of key terminology and aspects of the safety life-cycle according to IEC 61511 edition 2. The eBook is aimed at process industry functional safety Read More

Functional safety common terms - eFunctionalSafety online self-paced learning for the process industry sector
April 27, 2019

BUYER BEWARE! There are many types of course currently marketed as "ONLINE", that sadly do not make meet the simplest test of what this actually suggests. I have followed this carefully over the past 10 Read More

April 4, 2019

What happens when a functional safety project is not well planned, plans are not properly communicated or accountabilities are unclear? Safety-related projects are essentially no different to any other project in terms of management, but the Read More

Safety Instrumented Systems Design - background process industry image - eFunctionalSafety
March 22, 2019

When it comes to deciding on using hard-wired logic or a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for a safety instrumented system logic solver design, there are some clear positive and negatives to each approach. So, how do Read More

eFunctionalSafety tracked eLearning provides user progress and completion metrics for functional safety training
March 10, 2019

Why do people attend training courses, and what can online Cloud based E-Learning provide for your competence management system that a traditional classroom course cannot?Why does any employee attend a training course? Very often the Read More

Functional safety compliance
March 7, 2019

Achieving complete compliance with "risk-based" functional safety standards like IEC 61511 is a great objective to have, but is it, in fact, possible? Experience with process industry functional safety assessment and audit would suggest that 100% Read More

iacs cyber-security, sis cybersecurity, eFunctionalSafety, industry 4.0
January 24, 2019

If you're responsible for a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) rated functions, then you might be wondering where to start with cybersecurity standards for industrial automation and control systems (IACS). Read Read More

Safety Integrity Level target, SIL rating, SIL determination, SIL verification, SIL assessment, SIL study, eFunctionalSafety
December 29, 2018

Perhaps you have installed safety systems which date from the 1990's or early turn of this century. If so, you might be wondering whether you need to follow IEC 61511 edition 2 for Safety Integrity Read More

hybrid training concept by eFunctionalSafety - mix online e-Learning and traditional classroom training to achieve better all-round competence with functional safety
October 25, 2018

How do you get valued staff and contractors to engage with Process Safety, Functional Safety and similar "tricky" subjects? Send them on a training course or ask them to take some online training? How about Read More

If you want to become a functional safety professional and pass the CFSP test, then read this informative blog.
October 10, 2018

The headline, extracted from a popular song lyric*, uses the double-negative "don't need no", quite intentionally - to help emphasize a point. Whatever the song writer meant I'll leave to others to decipher, but for Read More

eFunctionalSafety provides functional safety consulting, training and online learning
August 30, 2018

Without effective functional safety assessment and audit, you may never know whether your safety system will perform when it is really needed. That is perhaps a bold statement, but read on if you think you Read More