Online E-Learning and functional safety training
for SIL & SIS *

* SIL - Safety Integrity Level  
* SIS - Safety Instrumented System.

At eFunctionalSafety we believe passionately in improving the competence of industry professionals with functional safety, SIL and SIS using online E-Learning and traditional training classes.

Learn about functional safety

  • Improve the knowledge of your entire team with the functional safety life-cycle, SIL and SIS
  • Gain a valuable audit trail for your competence management system for IEC 61511
  • Train multi-site staff and contractors at minimal cost.

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Over 200 online E-Learning course users for functional safety topics

I thoroughly enjoyed the Safety Instrumented System course. Considering it is a foundation course, it teaches you some extremely useful and relevant information, whilst pushing and testing your knowledge of each completed module by means of a test at the end of each stage.


C&I Engineer, UK

The course content, formulation, presentation, example and testing method are excellent. Practical approach. Excellent course for practical application.


Lead Process Engineer, Qatar

Overall a very good course and investment. The cartoons with Bob were great; makes association with everyday events surrounding value of the safety requirements specification more useful.”

Project Engineer, Saudi Arabia

The SIS Foundation e-Learning is one of the most comprehensive Functional Safety courses available through the internet. The course content targets Functional Safety Management, as well as engineering and operations according to IEC 61511:2016 Ed. 2. The course gives a special insight on Safety Instrumented Systems and their management in the process industry.


P.Eng, Process Safety, Canada

The Safety Instrumented System course gives a very good outline of Functional Safety requirements in the process industries. It is challenging and makes you think about what you are learning. 

Process Engineer, UK

The course was well presented, contained useful information and was easy to navigate. Overall I have increased my knowledge and recommend this course to anyone in this type of industry. 

EC&I Technician, UK

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