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functional safety training and e-learning

Self-paced online eLearning courses

Get your team up to speed and keep their attention with our cloud-hosted eLearning courses. Visit our membership website now and sign up for a free trial.

hazop study

SIL analysis & SIL verification studies

Support to help your projects determining Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements, designing adequate protection layers to meet SIL targets, all supported with industry-leading safety lifecycle software tools.

Independent Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) & Audit

Get an independent functional safety assessment or audit of your SIL-related project, procedures, planning or safety product. We provide technical expertise for FSA 1 to FSA 3 for projects, and FSA 4 and FSA 5 in the operations stage.

IEC 61508 Gap Analysis for Your SIL Certification Project

We have extensive experience with Original Equipment Manufacturers developing new systems that need to conform with IEC 61508. Before going to an accredited Certification Body, use our Gap Analysis service to save time and prepare for success.

Functional Safety BLOG

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Boosting Remote Team Competence with Online Functional Safety Training

In today's evolving business landscape, remote work has become a necessity rather [...]

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What is HAZOP?

To answer the question "what is HAZOP?" you first need to know [...]

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Fuel Cell Functional Safety

​Functional safety and fuel cells may seem to have little cross-over on [...]

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Getting SIL Calculation Right

Safety Integrity Level, SIL Calculation is necessary when a Safety Instrumented Systems [...]

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