E-Learning about SIL*
and functional safety for industry

  • Improve the competence of your team with SIL, PFD, Certification and more.
  • Gain a valuable competence audit trail for your COMAH / SEVESO III site.
  • Train your remote staff and contractors at minimal cost.

* SIL - Safety Integrity Level. At eFunctionalSafety we help with developing and improving competence with SIL using online E-Learning and traditional training courses. Our customers also value our services for independent functional safety assessment and audit, quantitative risk assessment (QRA), LoPA, SIL studies, CHAZOP and SIL verification of any type of safety instrumented function - SIF.

E-Learning for Teams

Using our professionally hosted Learning Management System (LMS), we engage entire teams of people, in the same or different locations, to learn a relatively complex topic over an extended period of time. With full access to material 24/7 globally, our system tracks individual user progress, quiz scores, assessment results AND time invested in learning each topic.

The huge benefit of online E-Learning with eFunctionalSafety is that you can see teams develop their knowledge at the same time as getting an audit trail of learning and assessment.

The course content, formulation, presentation, example and testing method are excellent. Practical approach. Excellent course for practical application.



Lead Process Engineer

The course was well presented, contained useful information and was easy to navigate. Overall I have increased my knowledge and recommend this course to anyone in this type of industry.


E&I Technician

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