Functional Safety Services & Training for Industry

Consulting services for hazard studies

Consulting services for hazard studies

Get our professional support for your in-person or remote hazard and operability / process hazards analysis (HAZOP / PHA) or layer of protection analysis (LOPA).

Safety Integrity Level Analysis and SIL verification support

SIL analysis & SIL verification support

Support to help your projects determining Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements, designing adequate protection layers to meet SIL targets, all supported with industry-leading safety lifecycle software tools.

Independent FSA - functional safety assessment

Independent Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) & Audit

Get an independent assessment or audit of your project, procedures, planning or safety product.

self-paced online courses

Self-paced online eLearning courses

Get your team up to speed and keep their attention with our cloud-hosted eLearning courses.


Functional safety and fuel cells may seem to have little cross-over on first glance. However,  stationary fuel cell safety standard IEC 62282-3-100 requires a written hazard and risk assessment, and fuel cell functional safety design principles.Such assessments may not seem challenging at first, but certain early decisions are critical to success. How do you approach

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Introduction Safety Integrity Level, SIL Calculation is necessary when a Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) is one of the critical independent protection layers for process safety. Applications of SIS include automated isolation, trips or interlocks found commonly in oil & gas upstream, refining, chemical and pharmaceutical production.Get the correct inputs first Before a SIL calculation is

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When it comes to implementing safety instrumented systems (SIS) to comply with functional safety standard IEC 61511, the safety PLC is a pivotal system to specify. So, what are the key questions that you need to ask if choosing a new system supplier? Read more here. BLOG Table of Contents 1Safety PLC or Regular PLC?2Programmable logic solver

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Suppose your staff and contractors need to get up to speed with improving IEC 61511 functional safety competence for safety instrumented systems. If that’s the case, this is the right blog for you. BLOG Table of Contents 1Improve functional safety competence2Make sure it’s “traceable” learning Developed over the past seven years, we’ve delivered many years

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Are the terms “Mean Time Between Failures” (MTBF) and “Safety Integrity Level” (SIL) related to each other? Some would think not but read on if you’d like to discover if that’s true. BLOG Table of Contents 1MTBF2SIL3Rule of thumb4Conclusion MTBFEquipment suppliers have been providing MTBF data for their electrical and electronic equipment for decades. The

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