functional safety Services & training for industry

Functional Safety Lifecycle

Consulting services for hazard studies

Get our professional support for your in-person or remote hazard and operability / process hazards analysis (HAZOP / PHA) or layer of protection analysis (LOPA).

Safety Integrity Level target, SIL rating, SIL determination, SIL verification, SIL assessment, SIL study, eFunctionalSafety

SIL analysis & SIL verification support

Support to help your projects determining Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements, designing adequate protection layers to meet SIL targets, all supported with industry-leading safety lifecycle software tools.

Independent Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) & Audit

Get an independent assessment or audit of your project, procedures, planning or safety product.

Self-paced online courses

Get your team up to speed and keep their attention with our cloud-hosted ONLINE LEARNING for Functional Safety.

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