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Functional Safety Lifecycle

Self-paced online courses for companies that need skilled safety professionals

Get your team up to speed and keep their attention with our professionallly hosted ONLINE LEARNING for Functional Safety.

  • Flexible 24/7 learning online
  • Professional Learning Management System with modular course structure
  • Recorded quiz and assessment results
  • Team leader access to report on learner progress
  • CPD points
  • Course completion certificates

HAZOP, LOPA and SIL Study Support

Gain support for your Safety Integrity Level SIL analysis by hiring one of our certified functional safety experts for your project.

Functional Safety Assessment & Audit

Get an independent assessment and audit of your project, procedures, planning or safety product.

Functional Safety Technical Blog

Read our basic blogs for free, or sign-up to our eFS-PRO membership to get extended technical blogs for advanced users.

Selected Blog Articles

If you own or operate any electrical / electronic or programmable system that has safety functions with a SIL (safety integrity level) rating, then you need to conduct periodic functional safety audit or FSA 4.I hear you say, “functional safety audits and functional safety assessments are not a requirement, our installation pre-dates these new-fangled standards!”. Read

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Functional Safety Assessment may be a dry topic even at the best of times, so much so that I took it as a personal challenge to try and write a paper about it!The paper highlights experiences from several different projects and concludes with some simple recommendations to save time, money and mistakes.The paper featured at

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Read on to see the software buyer’s guide table. A comparison of four software solutions for functional safety. This blog will will look at the main reasons why using such software is possibly better than many traditional approaches, which companies are working in the domain, and the questions you should ask before you choose a

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