Functional Safety Training

Our Functional Safety Training is provided as a traditional training class, self-paced eLearning, or a hybrid approach where students get the best of both worlds.

Functional safety training online

Self-paced E-Learning Courses

Self-paced learning is the most practical type of online course. Courses get completed at the Learner's pace over periods of weeks or months.

Onsite Courses

Where face-to-face is the better format for your team training event, start by booking a date in our LIVE DIARY, and read more below about the available courses.

Functional Safety Training Is The most underrated aspect of Project success

Safety Competency Drives Profitability

By applying standards IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 correctly, companies can drive more profitable operations and projects. To do this, people need competence training.

Functional Safety Targets Met By Design

Safety Integrity Level - SIL targets, are there for a reason. Hazards need to be controlled, and Safety Instrumented Systems - SIS are a key independent protection layer.

Competent People - Positive Results

It is impossible to deliver functional safety conformant operations and projects without competent people. 

Compliance for Insurers and Regulators

Become compliant with functional safety standards for your next insurance risk assessment or regulator visit. It will save significant money in the long term.

Online Functional Safety Training

step 1

The new normal - ONLINE training

Even before global pandemics, online training was growing in strength year-on-year. Now it has become essential to be able to provide training to employees and contractors in an online environment.

step 2

Quiz and Assessment

Training is incomplete unless there is some form of assessment of understanding. All online courses should include an aspects that make people think and demonstrate their understanding of the topic.

step 3

Coaching Practice

Training is never enough on its own to deliver competence. We must all practice new skills and apply them to real-world applications. Some of the functional safety courses that we provide allow time for mentoring and coaching through projects.

Onsite Functional Safety Training

  • Managers

  • Process Personnel

  • E,C&I Personnel

Functional Safety for Managers

Managing functional safety projects can be a daunting task at the beginning. We provide practical course materials that cover planning, procedures and paperwork required to manage projects for IEC 61511, IEC 61508 and IEC 62061. These courses are typically a single day but can be adapted to suit your needs.

  • Complete safety life-cycle overview
  • Extra focus on managing projects involving safety systems
  • Procedures, plans and paperwork for SIS projects
  • Validation test planning

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