Functional Safety

ONLINE Training  2019/2020

Introduction to functional safety in the process industry & IEC 61511 edition 2

An introduction to functional safety in the context of general safety and the process industry. This course includes a historical outline of the development of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) electrical and electronic equipment, from the 1960s to today. The full SIS safety life-cycle is introduced, including an overview of its required inputs, procedures, and expected outputs at each stage.

IEC 61511 edition1 to 2 Update Course

This online course is designed to update functional safety practitioners on the main changes in the IEC 61511 standard, which was published as edition 2 in 2016, replacing the original standard. The course is aimed at existing Electrical, Control, Instrumentation and SIS Professionals such as  TUV FS Engineers, TUV FSCP, CFSP and CFSE's who need an update of the changes in the standard. It is an ideal course to take before renewing a certification, or to get up to speed with the changes for an SIS project.

Layers of Protection Analysis - LoPA - training for Safety Integrity Level - SIL - target setting

The course starts with a review of key terminology and the safety life-cycle according to IEC 61511 edition 2. The background and principles detail of LoPA are dealt with in self-paced online modules. Learn how to systematically look for initiating events, correctly credit independent protection layers (IPL) and set safety integrity level (SIL) targets.

Why People Recommend Our Online e-Learning

Guillermo Pacanins

Process Safety Engineer

The SIS e-Learning is one of the most comprehensive Functional Safety courses available through the internet.

The course gives a special insight on Safety Instrumented Systems and their management in the process industry.

Scott Farrell

E&I Technician

The course was well presented, contained useful information and was easy to navigate.
Overall I have increased my knowledge and recommend this course to anyone in this type of industry.

Jamie Dunn

Regional C&I Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed the Safety Instrumented System course. Considering it is a foundation course, it teaches you some extremely useful and relevant information, whilst pushing and testing your knowledge of each completed module by means of a test at the end of each stage.

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About Jon Keswick

Jon Keswick has provided consulting in the field of functional safety since 2004. Previous to that, Jon worked in technical product management roles for more than 15 years at several well-known control and automation equipment suppliers.

As well as authoring online courses, Jon now couples his safety, automation, instrumentation and programmable systems knowledge with independent assessment and audit services for process and machinery safety projects.

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