Linking requirements, argument and evidence for functional safety assessment

Linking requirements, argument and evidence for FSA.

Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) for IEC 61511 edition 2

Having conducted many FSA projects across chemical sites, oil & gas, power generation and pharmaceutical production, we have developed an extensive standardised protocol and checklist.

The checklist includes several hundred questions which each relate to each IEC 61511 edition 2 requirement. Our independent assessor uses document review and interview questions to elicit an argument that the objective and technical aspects of each requirement are met. This is supported by evidence documents provided by the project or client for FSA review.


eFunctionalSafety Functional Safety Assessment workflow

Assessment Planning

A functional safety assessment (FSA) will only commence with a sound plan in place. Our typical methodology includes a series of "swim-lane" work processes which show the required steps and responsibilities.

For a new-build or major modification project, our planning will include scoping all the proposed stages of FSA, the required inputs at each stage, and the expected results.

For an FSA of an existing SIS in operation, our plan will show the extent and scope of the assessment to be conducted on the existing system. Any exclusions will be fully clarified at the outset.

New projects or modifications

For a new-build project we recommend that FSA is started as soon as the first SIL assessment has been completed. This may be before the safety requirements are fully developed, but from experience it is not wise to wait that long.

We use a combination of offline document review and site-based project team interviews to conduct our assessment

When the safety requirements specification is fully available, the FSA 1 activity can be finalised and formal reports can be produced.

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