Functional Safety Assessment & Audit


Why you may need an FSA

You will need a functional safety assessment (FSA) if you are working on any project or industrial plant that has safety functions with a safety integrity level (SIL) requirement. There are many industry applications in oil & gas, power generation, chemical and pharmaceutical production, pulp and paper and others.

Projects involving SIL-rated systems need FSA by an independent competent expert because of the relatively complex nature of applying international standards. Stages of FSA have been defined; from FSA 1 where safety requirements are first assessed, to FSA 3 - where a system is finally validated.

The IEC 61511 (BS EN 61511) requirement for an operations FSA, called FSA 4, also applies to existing running facilities, irrespective of age, even if there are no changes to safety instrumented systems.

For equipment suppliers wishing to make SIL claims, FSA according to IEC 61508 (BS EN 61508) will apply.


Where to Start

Documentation of your system or equipment item will be crucial in preparing for an independent FSA. Collate togrther the hazard and risk analysis, safety requirements specification, detailed equipment specifications for hardware and software, and depending on where you have reached in your project, the detail of the installed system.


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To provide you any form of help we will need to know where you are in the project life-cycle, how many documents will need to be reviewed, and the likely number of safety functions or equipment items that need assessment.

Planning is crucial to ensure that the boundaries and scope are complete, and the correct standards are applied.

We usually include a cost for planning your FSA in our proposal to ensure you get the benefit of our experience.

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A Stage 5 Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) was required for a safety instrumented system (SIS) undergoing upgrade on a Top Tier COMAH* chemical plant. We provided the lead assessor to scope, plan and deliver an independent assessment report.

We reviewed the safety instrumented system modification scope, including a revised hazard study, layer of protection analysis, safety requirements and the design changes to hardware and software of the system. The FSA stage 4 concluded with witnessed validation of the entire SIS prior to start-up.

eFunctionalSafety also completed a Stage 4 FSA by reviewing operations and maintenance procedures and proof test records for the existing system.

*COMAH - Control of Major Accident Hazards - UK legislation.

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