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Site Course Booking Terms

FIABLE Limited trading as eFunctionalSafety, is hereinafter also referred to as, "us", "our" and "we". eFunctionalSafety® is a registered trademark and trading name of FIABLE Limited whose registered company address is Unit 1 Eliot Business Park, Goldsmith Way, Nuneaton, England, CV10 7RJ.

These terms and conditions shall apply when booking an eFunctionalSafety course tutor to visit any customer site or agreed other location for the purposes of running a site training course.

1. Booking Terms

All site training course bookings shall be subject to these terms and conditions unless otherwise advised in a separate quotation or contract agreement in writing with us. Online training and face-to-face courses held at our premises shall be subject to separate terms and conditions.

Site training courses are only considered as fully booked and confirmed when:

  1. Full payment of the course fee has been received by us and;
  2. an email confirmation has been sent by us which confirms the agreed dates for the specific course and;
  3. the course has not been cancelled or postponed by us (see item 6).
2. Course Fee Inclusions

All site courses include provision of the following items with the course fee:

  1. Full course notes for each delegate, up to the maximum number of delegates as agreed on the eFunctionalSafety invoice for payment;
  2. Expenses for the eFunctionalSafety course tutor travelling within UK mainland.
3. Course Fee Exclusions

The following are specifically excluded from our site course fee:

  1. All fees related to the course venue, such as room fees, provision of audio-visual equipment and refreshments for delegates;
  2. eFunctionalSafety course tutor travel outside UK mainland (additional expenses shall apply in addition to the indicated course fee);
  3. delegate travel administration and expenses;
  4. delegate overnight accommodation administration and expenses;
  5. delegate subsistence expenses such as meals and drinks;
  6. all other delegate administration and expenses in relation to attending the course venue.
4. Insurance

Course delegates should make their own insurance arrangements.

5. Refund Policy

No refunds or transfers shall be provided by us unless we receive a notice of cancellation, postponement or transfer in writing to info@eFunctionalSafety.com within the notice period.

The following terms shall apply to the notice period:

Notice of more than two (2) calendar weeks prior to course start date:
Any agreed scheduled future date will be re-arranged without cost, subject to date availability.

Notice between course start date and 2 (two) weeks prior to course start date:
At our sole discretion and depending on cancellation reasons, we will charge a 25% cancellation fee. No future dates will be offered until the cancellation fee is paid.

6. Alterations / Cancellations of courses by eFunctionalSafety

We reserve the right to change the content of courses, the course tutor or the scheduled start date at any time. In the unlikely event of a confirmed course date being cancelled by us, a full refund will be made unless a different start date can be mutually agreed. For all bookings, the liability of eFunctionalSafety shall be limited to the amount of the fee actually paid to eFunctionalSafety.

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