Excellent course for operation, design and process engineering . Subjects well designed, organised and presented perfectly with practical example.

Krishnan Jayakumar // Process Engineer

"This course is useful. It has clarified most of the confusion that I had in this field. It has unique information and methods to deliver the ideas. I will be very happy to take another course from this website.”

Osama Saleem // I&C Engineer

"The content of this course is really good and it gave me the foundations I need."

Albert Alvero // Project Engineer

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Considering it is a foundation course, it teaches you some extremely useful and relevant information, whilst pushing and testing your knowledge of each completed module by means of a test at the end of each stage."

Jamie Dunn // C&I Engineer

"Very interesting training, well built, easy to navigate through and easy to use."

Stéphane St.Yves // Instrumentation Engineer

"The course gives a special insight on Safety Instrumented Systems and their management in the process industry.

Guillermo Pacanins // Sr. Process Safety Engineer

Course Joining: 5/5

Progress Tracking: 5/5

Course Quality: 4/5

Nijat Ibrahimov // Process Engineer

"This course provides an excellent foundation for those who may be required to deal with SIFs in industry. The content is all applicable to industry and the real world."

Cameron Roberts // Process Engineer

Course Joining: 5/5

Progress Tracking: 5/5

Course Quality: 4/5

Lucia Vazquez // Process Safety Specialist

"Well structured and challenging."

Fred Sartwell // I&E Specialist

Course Joining: 4/5

Progress Tracking: 4/5

Course Quality: 4/5

Andrew Fitch // Risk Management and Technical Safety Engineer

"Overall I have increased my knowledge and recommend this course to anyone in this type of industry."

Scott Farrell // E&I Technician

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and have gained much knowledge."

Liana Gasimova // Sr. Process Safety Engineer

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Safety Instrumented Systems FOUNDATION Section 1

An introduction to functional safety in the context of general safety and the process industry. It includes a historical outline of the development of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) electrical and electronic equipment, from the 1960s to today. The full SIS safety life-cycle is introduced, including an overview of its required inputs, procedures, and expected outputs at every stage of the life of a system.


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