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How to audit a safety instrumented system installation

Thursday, 25th October 2018

@ 1pm British Summer Time

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Safety Instrumented System (SIS) standard IEC 61511 edition 2 requires regular audit during the lifetime of an SIS. This applies to any safety-related system application, even if changes are not being made. Sites involved in Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation or Pharmaceutical production/storage worldwide are subject to regular audit. But what is a functional safety audit (versus an assessment), and how can it be approached from a practical perspective? Join this 45 minute webinar if you are a COMAH or SEVESO III site operating in Europe, or a major hazard site anywhere in the world.

Jon Keswick

Certified Functional Safety Expert - CFSE

Jon Keswick is the founder of eFunctionalSafety. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of automation systems. In recent years he has worked on many different projects as independent functional safety assessor, as the lead auditor for process operations functional safety and as LoPA / Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Study leader for several large process end user projects.


Jon Keswick

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