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Independent functional safety assessment and audit

A functional safety assessment (FSA) is an independent investigation, based on evidence, to judge the functional safety achieved by one or more safety instrumented systems or safety related electrical control systems.

eFunctionalSafety has developed a full FSA procedure and detailed checklist that covers the requirements of multiple standards, including IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and IEC 62061.

Case Study

A Stage 4 / 5 Functional Safety Assessment (FSA), according to IEC 61511 FSA recommended stages, was required for a safety instrumented system undergoing upgrade on a chemical plant. We provided the lead assessor to scope, plan and deliver the assessment. Firstly, the existing system was assessed to check for any non-conformance issues with important aspects of operating and maintaining the SIS, including a review of proof test records. Following this, the SIS modification project was assessed for all stages including hazard assessment, LoPA, safety requirements and the design changes to hardware and software of the system. The FSA also witnessed physical validation testing prior to start-up.

Functional Safety Planning and Project Management

If you have never been involved with a safety system project, it is not necessarily immediately obvious what needs to be done, in which order, and by who. The standards provide a framework, but it takes experience to know what is important and what isn't.

We have that experience from many projects. The poorly handled projects tend to go wrong because the need for writing and following a functional safety plan simply haven't been recognised early enough.

We can provide a template plan and work with you to adapt that to meet your detailed project requirements and help manage your project more effectively.

Functional safety training and coaching

We have industry-leading courses developed to cover practically every aspect of the functional safety life-cycle. We provide on-site training, online instructor-led training and online self-paced courses.

We supported a major new refinery project destined for Kuwait by providing the SIL study facilitator for three different units - Hydrogen Production Unit, Amine Regeneration Unit and Sulphur Recovery Unit. The project support was provided in phases, leading multi-discipline engineering teams of 15+ people in the SIL study workshops. Our deliverable was a SIL determination report for each unit, ready to be used by the project team in the creation of the safety requirements specification for the safety instrumented functions on the project.

Case Study #1
SIL study

We facilitated a team study for a major extension of a batch pharmaceutical process, using the Layer of Protection Analysis (LoPA) technique to analyze identified hazards and determine safety integrity levels (SIL). The project involved providing an amended LoPA procedure, as the end user had previously been using calibrated risk graph for earlier studies. Several stages of study were undertaken to analyze more than 40 hazardous scenarios, resulting in a unique LoPA worksheet for each scenario and a summary report of the findings.

Case Study #2

We engage in your projects by providing independent Functional Safety Assessment and Audit, SIL determination, authoring safety requirements specifications and SIL verification.

Functional safety is a specialist technical topic that applies across multiple industry sectors, including major accident hazard sites in the process sector (COMAH/SEVESO III) such as chemical manufacture, petrochemicals, refining, offshore oil and gas and power generation.

eFunctionalSafety provides functional safety training and consulting services based upon many years of project experience in diverse industry sectors. If your goal is compliance with IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC 62061 or a related functional safety standard, then we can help.

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